The Goodeid Working Group is a non-profitable international Working Group managed and run on a 100% voluntary basis. It was established on 1st May, 2009 in Stoholm, Denmark in response to the critical environmental issues facing the majority of wild Goodeid species/populations, plus the poorly-documented ‘disappearance’ of many captive collections.

The primary goal of the Goodeid Working Group is to promote collaboration between like-minded hobbyists, universities, public aquaria, zoos, museums and conservation projects in order to maintain aquarium populations of Goodeids while assisting in preservation of remaining natural habitats.

The basis for our project is knowledge obtained via practical experiences of our members, the formation of a comprehensive species database, scientific studies, conservation work being undertaken by public members plus affiliation with scientists and volunteers from Mexico and the United States involved in monitoring wild populations.

We have extended our efforts to Mexico itself via a cooperative partnership with the Fish Ark Mexico Project, which continues to work towards permanent safeguarding of endangered freshwater fishes. This mutually-beneficial affiliation was proposed at our inaugural international meeting in November 2010, with the GWG agreeing to focus on ex situ species maintenance and Fish Ark responsible for in situ habitat management.

Diligent monitoring and long-term maintenance of captive Goodeid populations is therefore one of our board’s main endeavours, largely aided by appointed Regional Group Coordinators (RGCs). Target species or specific populations are highlighted for specific breeding efforts via the results of in situ surveys conducted in Mexico and data collated by GWG members worldwide.

Within this framework individual breeders are encouraged to maintain physical and genetic integrity in their fishes since potential reintroduction schemes and sustainable long-term captive maintenance will rely on high quality stock. Advice and discussion regarding best practice is available via our website and members’ forum.

Another fundamental aim is the compilation of a database containing Goodeid literature, images and other data relating to systematics, biogeography, biology, ecology, captive reproduction and maintenance, practical experiences and conservation status both in nature and captivity.

We intend the latter to be the most exhaustive resource in the world and to achieve this all our members are encouraged to contribute photos, literature and breeding experiences. Each member is allocated personal species and surplus stock pages which are incorporated into the main database and updated twice annually.