Hobbyists and the GWG


  The primary objective of the Goodeid Working Group is to conserve extant populations and naturally-occurring forms of all Goodeid species. While group members are not required to maintain and breed these fish personally a demonstrable interest in their long-term conservation is essential in order to participate.

  Due to the fact that we are a non-profitable working group it was decided that membership and participation should be voluntary, therefore membership is free. We are however approachable for funding and donations from private individuals, institutions and enterprises interested in assisting us with our work.

  One of our principles is that individual breeders will not be pressured to give fish away no matter how rare the species or population, with our networked breeding program providing an open platform for species exchange on a discretional basis. That said we aim to work towards a model in which the majority of surplus stock is retained within the GWG and made available to its members. Mandatory joining requirements are that participants should contribute breeding experiences, tips and advice while demonstrating the will to collaborate and share knowledge with other Goodeid keepers regardless of experience.