Hi friends,

I will use the first newsletter - more or less a test-version - to inform you about things that have been done on the website during the last week.

I have finished the Artifial key, now including the oviparous species as well as the before not finished genera Chapalichthys and Goodea.

Further I have finished descriptions of Goodea atripinnis and gracilis, and I have revised all species, including much more information within some species, especially the egflaying ones.

The next steps will be adding a 350 new photos (will be web-optimized the next days) and starting a new chapter about the Biology of goodeids. Therefore I have got the permission from Maricarmen Uribe to use chapters out of her book Viviparous fishes.

One thing, coming soon to you, will be a fill-in-sheet for breeding information concerning your species. These sheets will be added to the species descriptions as pdfs, providing a lot of different breeding setups and tipps, I hope.

Furthermore, I am nervously waiting for the results of the Austrian Fishery Association meeting on 23rd of March, when will be decided wether they are willing to support a Goodeid-help-project. I offered them to support the reintroduction of Zoogoneticus tequila (comprising about 70.000 Euros) and a rescue plan for Characodon audax El toboso, combined with a 5 year-evaluation plan for all Characodon, total amount about 80.000 Euros. Well, lets see and hope...

I wish you all my best and would beg you, to send me a short Email that you have received the Newsletter,

Michael Koeck