Hi friends,

I will use the first newsletter - more or less a test-version - to inform you about things that have been done on the website during the last week.

I have finished the Artifial key, now including the oviparous species as well as the before not finished genera Chapalichthys and Goodea.

Further I have finished descriptions of Goodea atripinnis and gracilis, and I have revised all species, including much more information within some species, especially the egflaying ones.

Test Newsletter

Due to the situation, I have no experience with Newsletters, I would like to send a "Test-NL".



On the other hand, I wouldn't like to send one without information, so I would like to inform you, that I have corrected (especially Chapalichthys) and finished (e.g. Allotoca catarinae) the species descriptions of all species until Girardinichthys.


Please, if received this Newsletter, send me a short info about so I will know if and how it works.

Thanks a lot,